Monday, March 29, 2010

Young, Modern and with Rowing Power.

On target for Women’s History month, at least two women have met astounding challenges on the high seas, Katie Spotz and Abby Sunderland. Rowing her 19 foot row-boat single-handedly across the Atlantic Ocean, in the months of January, February and March, 2010, Katie Spotz made the 2817 mile trip from Dakar, Senegal to Georgetown, Guyana in 70 days and 6 hours. Her AIS, GPS systems and devices guided her as she braved waves and wind, and followed a pre-determined course over deep water and the Continental Shelf. She did it for the challenge, and for the sake of clean drinking water in developing countries. She rowed 10 hours a day, cooked her meals, wrote her blog, and slept, when she wasn’t caring for the equipment aboard her craft. Her triumph was reported all over the press and electronic media as she was the youngest person to complete this journey continent to continent on human power alone!

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  • Plying wind and waves, proving confidence in the technology, these younger mariners are braving the wildest of journeys. Now it’s her turn, Abby Sunderland.

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