Friday, June 4, 2010

Entradas de Baja California

A Maritime History of Baja California: A Photographic Essay on the Harbors, Anchorages, and Special Ships of the Baja California Peninsula. / by Ed Vernon. Published by the Maritime Museum of San Diego and University of New Mexico Press, 2009. 285 p. Timeline, Glossary and index.

Complete with maps, illustrations and unusual photographic images of ships in harbors, The Maritime History of Baja California by Edward W. Vernon delivers a fascinating explanation of the peninsula’s history. In the Preface, Rodney J. Taylor composes this impression of the work:

“This is Ed Vernon’s second in a series of photographic journals that are really love poems to this place…. His collection is not orthodox. Rather than predictably concentrating on magnificent 16th-century galleons, such as … Cabrillo’s San Salvador, he also focuses on working ships, expedition packet ships, and sea-otter fur traders… His chief contribution… is that he captures a sense of the beauty and history to be found in the landscape, the sheltered bays, and the ships that carried so many adventures… ” p. vii-viii.

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