Friday, September 30, 2011

Ship Modeler's Art on Display

Flying Cloud, 1851 as seen in Wikipedia article on the ship.

See the model of the Flying Cloud, an extreme clipper ship on display at The Los Angeles Maritime Museum, with many other ship models ranging from hand-worked wooden canoes to steel-hulled navy ships. Visit the Museum Research Library and ask for books on building ship models, or go online to our catalog.
Selected from the collection in the Museum Research Library, these books describe model ships and show how to build them:

1. Build This Model of Flying Cloud by Jim Tate
2. Building Plank-On Frame Ship Models by Ron McCarthy
3. A Modeler’s Guide to Hull Construction by A. Richard Mansir
4. The 32-Gun Frigate ESSEX by Portia Takakjian
5. Period Ship Model Handbook by Keith Julier
6. The Art of Ship Modeling by A. Richard Mansir
7. Shipbuilding in Miniature by Donald McNarry
8. Sailing Ship Rigs and Rigging by Harold A. Underhill
9. How to Build Ship Models by Richard Mansir
10. Aspects of the History of Wooden Shipbuilding/Basil Greenhill, editor.
11. Model Shipwright 2010 / Conway Maritime Press, Ltd.

See the text of newspaper articles from 1851 on the Flying Cloud here.