Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thorobred and Water and Power

This photograph describes the pride of the fishermen and their catch: “45’ THOROBRED, a Garbutt & Walsh built sloop, dressed for sword-fishing at a dock on Terminal Island, California”. Photograph was taken after 1928.

LA as Subject’s (LAAS hereafter) 7th Annual Bazaar was held Saturday October 27, 2012 at University of Southern California’s Doheny Library. Before climbing to the second floor space for the Bazaar, visitors looked at a themed exhibit that captured in many views the unfolding drama of water as an element and its use as a utility in the development of the city.

The exhibit was solicited from LAAS member photographic collections that represented the theme “water and power”. Above is shown the Los Angeles Maritime Museum’s submission revealing the theme as recreation and enterprise in this image from the Garbutt and Walsh Collection.

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