Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aloha, Jack London

Stories of Hawaii. / by Jack London. Compiled by A. Grove Day. Published by Mutual Publishing Company, 2007.

Originally published in various forms, as "House of Pride and Other Tales", 1914, and "On the Makaloa Mat", 1919, this compilation was published in 1986 with subsequent printings until 2007. The editor is A. Grove Day, a professor at the University of Hawaii whose love of the literature about Hawaii is evident in his introduction to the book.

The 15 stories describe the lives of Hawaiians in the time before statehood, the times between the first King Kamehameha and 1898 when Hawaii was still a kingdom of clans ruled by chiefs or kings and queens.

A. Grove Day says in the introduction to "Stories of Hawaii" that London had a habit of “turning out 1000 words per day of printable manuscript”---that occurred before 1916, when there was no MSWord, no spell-check, no control “f”, and no cutting and pasting! For at least two pages of text we can print-out today, his work was created daily on the voyages he and Charmian (his wife and companion) made in the South Pacific. So not only did the lifestyle, the environment and the people make an impression on him, despite the fact that he was always involved in new jobs, he managed to digest and synthesize his experience for readers who were not as fortunate as he in venturing forth into the lesser-known half of the world.

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